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Push-back racking

Push-back racking is a collective storage system that permits up to four pallets deep to be stocked for every level. The greater part of the pallets of every level are put on a set of trolleys that are pushed along moving rails.

Main advantages:

  • Push-back is perfect for saving medium-turnover items, with two or more pallets for every SKU.
  • Manoeuvres are fast since the forklifts don’t have to be in the storage lanes
  • The best possible utilization is made of the space accessible
  • You can use every level to store an alternate SKU

Technical details


Number of pallets in depth 2-5 pcs
Dimension of pallet (W x D)

1200 x 800 mm

1200 x 1000 mm

1200 x 1200 mm

Pallet weight 1000 kg, 1200 kg, 1500 kg